Topics and Techniques Taught

You will be taught the authentic techniques based on the wisdom of classical Yoga system of India. The techniques include carefully designed combination of :
  • Mantra chanting
  • Pranayama and breathing exercises
  • A set of powerful Hand Mudras
  • Meditation
Summary of topics and techniques taught is given below :

Techniques / Kriyas :

  • Four stages of Ajapa are taught. Each stage has a specific function and consists of a powerful Kriya and a Hand Mudra. A stage fits nicely into the previous and next stage to form a complete practice session.
  • Ajapa Stage 1 : This stage consists of Mantra Chanting done in a specific way. This stage purifies the five great elements and calms down the mind. It also strengthens the devotion of a practitioner.
  • Ajapa Stage 2 : This stage consists of a specific Pranayama and purifies the 3.5 lakh nadis or energy channels. As per yogic scriptures pranayama and pranava destroy all the sins.
  • Ajapa Stage 3 : This stage consists of a specific kriya helpful in awakening the dormant Kundalini. It also activates and opens all the Chakras and Sushumna nadi.
  • Ajapa Stage 4 : This is the final stage of Ajapa and consists of a specific kriya helpful in opening the third eye or Adnya Chakra. This stage instills peace and tranquility in the practitioner's mind and leads him on the path of self-realization.
  • Four hand mudras are taught in order to improve the focus and concentration, to promote detoxification, to strengthen Pranamaya Kosha and to induce peace respectively.
  • The right way of chanting a mantra for the sake of Meditation and for the sake of Naamasmarana is taught.
  • Importance of silence and mindfulness is taught.

Topics discussed :

  • Dealing with stress, strain, anxiety, anger using meditation as a tool.
  • What is a Mantra and how does it works?
  • Breathing and Pranayama as the master key to life.
  • Prana and Pranayama.
  • Art of sleeping.
  • States of consciousness.
  • Panchakosha - Parts of human personality.
  • Detailed explanation of seven Chakras and their mystic significance.
  • Understanding Kundalini and its importance in spiritual progress.
  • Importance of balanced diet and diet recommendations for practitioner.
  • Techniques for cultivating mindfulness.