Benefits of Meditation

A practitioner of meditation receives countless benefits. These benefits are physical, mental as well as spiritual. Regular practice of meditation as taught by us gives the following chief benefits to the practitioner :
  • Manage stress and anxiety effectively. Stress and anxiety are the toxic biproducts of the modern fast paced lifestyle. Studies have revealed that stress can cause or aggravate many health ailments. Anxiety robs one from enjoying life. Ajapa Meditation as taught in these classes will help you manage your stress and anxiety levels effectively.
  • Become more productive and energetic. Fast paced modern lifestyle and wrong diet causes loss of energy. The energy drain directly affects your productivity at work. With the help of techniques taught in these classes you learn to become more energetic and more productive than before.
  • Improved focus and learning ability. Focus plays an important role in software and IT industry since constant learning and adjusting to changes is unavoidable part of your job. Techniques taught in these classes help you to improve your focus and grasping.
  • Promotes healing and rejunivination. Relaxation plays an important role in healing and rejunivinating your body and mind. Techniques taught in these classes induce relaxation quickly and effectively. This can in turn accelarate healing and rejunivination.
  • Helpful in fostering stronger relationships. A practitioner of meditation learns to become open and accepts other with their strengths and weaknesses. This results in stronger relationships in personal and professional life.
  • Opens chakras and awakens Kundalini. Chakras are energy centers located across the Sushumna Nadi or spinal cord. Each chakra controls a specific aspect of our personality. Opening and cleansing the chakras is therefore important for spiritual aspirants. Kundalini is the dormant energy residing at the root chakra. When awakened this energy brings about transformation in the practitioner. Ajapa is a gentle yet effective way to unlocks this hidden reservoir of energy.
  • Foundation for inner transformation and spiritual progress. Ajapa meditation has been used successfully by ancient yogis as a means of inner transformation and spiritual unfoldment. Regular practice of the techniques taught in these classes help you to reach new levels of consciousness, bliss and happiness.